We remove your fees

  • We're doing away with the administration and maintenance fees on all your demand deposit accounts.
  • We'll do away with all the Business Professional standard debit and credit cards. Affinity and shared brand cards are excluded.
  • We're removing the fees on paying in Spanish cheques/promissory notes in euros.
  • We're doing away with the fees for transfers in euros. The transfer must be issued by any alternative service channel to the one of branch, such as ATMs, Telephone Banking, Bankia Online or App. Transfers to EU member states have a limit of € 50,000.
  • Delete the registration fee and maintenance of the service of Business Internet, in the type of general contracting.


SME with direct payment of Social Security contributions or taxes in the last three months consecutively and must meet two of the additional requirements stated in the general terms and conditions of "JUST FOR BEING AN SME"."JUST FOR BEING AN SME" (PDF, 183 kB).