Healthcare Collectives

Protects your employees' health with a health complete guarantee.


    The general yield of your company is linked directly to your employees' yield. And so that these produce to the a hundred per cent, one of the crucial factors is its health.

    And there, as an employer, play a significant role.

    Especially conceived and developed for companies regardless of the sector and size, because one of the main features of our offer is that us adapt to your needs for specific that they are.

    They are custom insurance policies, which let you:

    • Award a prize to your employees with a wage extra compensation.
    • Take care your employees' health is to take care your company's productivity.

    Significant tax benefits

    For the company:

    • Deduction as an expense on the Corporate Tax. The first 500 euros that the company pays for the employees' insurance is not considered remuneration in kind. And if the policy is extended to include spouses and dependent children under 25, this limit is increased to 500 euros per person and per year.
    • When negotiating wage agreements, it is more economical for companies to pay for health insurance than to increase wages by this same amount.

    For employees:

    • Decreased contributions to Social Security. The first 500 euros (extendable per person and per year) is not considered as remuneration in kind for employees either, so that it will not have to be declared on personal income tax.

    Medisalud Bankia: Medical Fee Reimbursement insurance

    Personalised care with no waiting lists, choice of doctor and medical centre at home or abroad.

    Reimbursement of medical fees, two options:

    • Complete medical fee reimbursement established in the policy.
    • Hospitable medical fee reimbursement:
      • For hospital care: 90% reimbursement.
      • Out-patient care: 80% reimbursement.

    Insurances brokered by BANKIA MEDIATION Associated Banking-Insurance Operator, S.A.U. (ID number to-40148884) and registered office in Pº Castellana, 189, 28046 Madrid. Registered in the special administrative record of Insurance Brokers of the Directorate-General for Insurance and Pension Funds with the key OV-0034. Subscribed agency contracts of insurances with Mapfre Spain, Mapfre Overall Risks and Bankia Mapfre Life. Financial liability insurance and skills cover according to current legislation.