We identify the risks for your business and we provide solutions to ensure your success:

    It discovers your company's risks via the Service Business 360º. In Bankia protect your business.

    Business 360º, this is a free study that will enable you to ascertain your company's degree of protection and draw up a map of the main risks that may affect it.

    What offer

    • Elaboration of a hazard map for your company absolutely free.
    • Elaboration of an objective report and gone into detail.
    • Identification of risks.
    • The study is focused in 4 fundamental variables for the company: people, heritage, income statement and responsibility when dealing with third parties.
    • Position when dealing with competitors of the sector.
    • Speed, interviews of not more than twenty minutes (initiative and questionnaire presentation): acquisition of the report in just ten business days.
    • All-inclusive protection according to the client:
      • Suitable coverages.
      • Wide range of solutions.
      • People/Families.
      • Protection when dealing with third parties.
      • Any other assurance need.


    You are a step from to protect your business.

    It contacts with your Bankia manager. You offer the solutions insurers that better are adapted to your business.