Car Insurance

It enjoys your car without worries,  because to contract the insurance of autos in Bankia it is to have the best coverages for your vehículo.

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    From the Third-Party Insurance, whose main goal is to comply with the obligación legal of assurance (reinforced with voluntary coverages of special interés), until the Comprehensive Insurance, that offers a total coverage for your vehículo and for its occupants.

    Different modalidades for adaptarse to which need.

    • Third-party insurance: Third parties + Rotura of moons of the vehículo + Fire.
    • Extended third parties: Third parties + Moons + Theft + Fire.
    • Comprehensive without franchise.
    • Comprehensive with franchise.

    Advantages of this Car Insurance

    Dispones of the assistance in trip màs complete with màs of 2,600 grúas in all the geografía national.

    • Change of neumà Costa Rican in the event of puncture.
    • Tow in the event of lack of fuel.
    • Tow in the event of supply of fuel not suitable.
    • Service in any vía (suitable/unsuitable) of use común.


    In all types is guaranteed the reclamación of daños suffered by the insurance policyholder in accident of circulación as peatón. Ademàs are included garantías as:

    • One indemnización additional in the event of accident of circulación that it compensates expenses of adaptación of the vehículo and adecuación of the property.
    • Assistance psychoemotional in the event of serious accident and/or theft with intimidación.
    • Door-to-Door Service: if it does not have time to fix its car, collect it to him, take it to him to the workshop and deliver it to him where you prefers.
    • Reparación of home moons: because when a moon is broken, not is always necessary to change her.


    Insurances brokered by BANKIA MEDIACIÓN Associated Banking-Insurance Operator, S.A.U. (ID number to-40148884) and registered office in Pº Castilian, 189, 28046 Madrid. Registered in the special administrative record of Insurance Brokers of the Dirección Insurance and Pension fund General with the key OV-0034. Subscribed agency contracts of insurances with Mapfre España, Mapfre Overall Risks and Bankia Mapfre Life. Financial liability insurance and skills cover según legislación in force.