POS & e-commerce

POS & e-commerce

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  • It can become your POS in some holidays?

Bankia's POSs offer more advantages for your business

With this service you can offer your customers the possibility of paying for their purchases with credit or debit cards


  • You can increase your sales by offering your customers the possibility of paying by card and deferring the repayment instalments.
  • Grow your business by having immediate financing from your POS.
  • You have the technology more advanced and that better is adapted to your needs.
  • All of this in some economic very competitive conditions since choose the fare more suitable. Flat rate, subsidised fare...

Different POSs for different businesses

  • Paying with a datáfono

    Bankia POS

    With Bankia you have at your disposal the technology that is best suited to what you need in terms of mobility and coverage. So that your customers can pay for their purchases with debit or credit card.

  • Girl with green shirt paying online

    VIRTUAL POS terminal & E-commerce

    So that your business is all around the world and for all the world. Bankia helps you to create your online business and places at your disposal the Bankia VIRTUAL POS terminal so that your customers can pay by card in your online business.
    Download brochure (PDF, 247 kB)

  • Tablet and coffee

    Mobile POS

    Because we know that your business can be in a different place every day, we offer you the Bankia MOBILE POS terminal, with which your customers will be able to pay with their mobile phone or tablet. It facilitates payment for your customers and avoids the risk of carrying cash.

Create your online business

We'll help you create your online business so that you can go farther

Our services designed for your business

  • CrediTPV

    Now it's easy to obtain financing from your Bankia POS.

  • ServiRed Tú Decides

    It is a service from ServiRed that Bankia offers its clients and that allows the deferment of payment for purchases over 60 euros and up to the limit of the credit card.

  • Aplaza Service

    Offer your customers the possibility of paying for their purchases in installments and see how your profits increase.

  • POS Currency Chioce

    The POS Divisa Elección Service is a free service offered by Bankia that allows you to charge your customers in their own currency.

  • What is a VIRTUAL POS terminal?

    Bankia places the VIRTUAL POS terminal at your disposal so that your customers can pay by card in your online business.

  • How can I request a POS terminal?

    In any Bankia branch or through our website, filling in the POS registration form.