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TPV Virtual

  • Take the leap into the world of e-commerce

    With our online payment gateway

  • It can handle multiple languages, currencies, cards Control on your sales Various methods of payment

    Advantages of the Virtual POS

    Bankia you offers you innovative, secure solutions that are adapted to your needs, as well as a group of virtual payment platform specialists who will help you make the most out of your online business. In this way you can market your products online simply and easily.

    We will attend you during all the integration process of the VIRTUAL POS Bankia (support pre facility) and, once completed, will have specialised support for any enquiry or management that need.

    See Security recommendations for payments on the Internet (PDF 215 kB)of the European Central Bank.



    Bankia's virtual POS offers you an extensive catalogue of services and functionalities that will help boost your e-commerce.

    • Full solution: it supports multiple languages, currencies, cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and DinersClub) and the iupay! online wallet.
    • Totally compatible: it can be installed regardless of the operating system and of the programming language used by the business.
    • Multiple payment methods. Currency Choice Service for your overseas customers: the cardholder can choose to pay in his own currency, if different from euro.
      • Ongoing payments: it allows the periodic subscription of the cardholder to a service offered by the business.
      • Pre-authorisation: retention that is made to the cardholder while the purchase's exact import is reserved or confirmed.
      • It ensures the payment of the retained amount to the business. Authentication: similar to the pre-authorisation, but instead of withholding the amount only the identity is validated.
      • Refunds / Cancellations: the Virtual POS looks for the original operation and deposits the total or partial amount to the cardholder.
      • Multi-language and multi-currency.
      • <span class="tiny-bold"><strong>Control on your sales</strong></span>: we place an administration module at your disposal for you to consult account movements and totals, cancel operations, make refunds, etc.
    • Control on your sales

    At Bankia we work constantly to

    to make the day-to-day running of your business easier. That is why we have made an agreement with Palbin for it to offer to all clients who have offer you the best solutions

    the possibility of opening their own business on the Internet, with easy website creation and excellent conditions.Create your online business
    Bankia Virtual POSOpen Source Modules.

    For companies

    that use open-source content management systems for eCommerce, we offer a set of modules that will allow them to quickly and easily integrate POS Virtual Bankia con su página web.This means you can give your customers the option of paying with a card. POS

    payments, refunds, holder authentications, pre-authorisations, express payments, subscription payments, etc. We want your website to be not just a way to communicate with your customers, but a sales tool as well.





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