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  • Depósito Fácil Internet

    Until 0.03% APR

Our deposits

Discovers our deposits' advantages and takes out party to your money

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    36-month Growth Deposit

    A deposit to 3 years with quarterly interest payment and an attractive interest rate that increases every year.




    Expenses nor fees

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    Deposit in Species

    From 2,100 euros can contract a deposit in kind created for you.


    In kind

    To depart

    Of 2,100 euros

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    Depósito Joven

    Because you are youngster and you you like being, this is your deposit. The easier way of beginning to save.

    Contract it

    In Bankia Online


    600 euros

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    Deposit Saving 5

    A savings plan with the insured return and exempt yields in PERSONAL INCOME TAX.


    Insured person

    0.20% APR

    To five years and a day

Other investment products

  • Investment funds

    Enquiry the funds that they compose our catalogue and finds that which better is adapted to your needs.

  • Pension plans

    You help to choose the pension plan that more you interests. Selects your stretch years-old and chooses yours.

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We remove you your accounts' fees and cards FOR BEING YOU