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  • Depósito Fácil Internet

    Until 0.08% APR

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    36-month Growth Deposit

    A deposit at 3 years with quarterly interest payment and an attractive interest rate that increases every year.




    Expenses or fees

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    Deposit in Kind

    From 2,100 euros you can contract a deposit in kind account created just for you.


    In kind


    from 2,100 euros

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    Depósito Joven

    Because are young and like being young, this is your deposit. The easiest way of beginning to save.

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    In Bankia Online


    600 euros

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    Deposit Saving 5

    A savings plan with a guaranteed return and exempt from personal income tax.



    0.20% APR

    At five years and one day

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    We help you choose the best pension plan for your needs. Select your age range and choose yours.

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