Pension plans

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See which pension plan meets your requirements

Everything you need to know about the plans

  • The benefits of contracting a plan

    Making plans today is the best way to ensure future peace-of-mind.
    ¿Sabes que las aportaciones a Planes de Pensiones pueden suponerte un ahorro fiscal de entre el 24% y el 43%?Did you know that your contributions to a pension plan can save you between 24% and 43% in tax?

  • Do you have any questions about pension plans?

    Pension plans determine the right of the persons included in them to receive an income or capital payment on retirement, survival, widowhood, orphanhood or disability.

  • How do I receive payment from my retirement plan?

    A pension plan participant can choose freely when and how to receive payment from the pension plan, with complete flexibility, choosing between any of the payment methods at their disposal.

Do you live in the Basque Country?

Companies of Voluntary Social Security (EPSV) are private organisations non-profit, of voluntary and social character, that in the field of Basque Country their objective is to act as a complementary social provision to the compulsory Social Security. They cover various contingencies, the most common of which are: retirement, disability and unemployment. These products can only be contracted by persons with fiscal residence in the Basque Country and through them you will be able to save for your retirement.