Bankia Customer Care Service

Bankia Customer Care Service

Bankia S.A. and its Group offers its clients a Customer Care Service, a body that works without interference from the internal organisation, remains separate from the other commercial services and operations, and takes decisions independently.

The function of this service is to handle and resolve the complaints or claims filed, either directly or by an authorised representative, by individuals or institutions, whether Spanish or foreign, who are users of the Bank or the subsidiaries of its Group within its remit, that deal with their legitimate rights or interests in relation to operations, contracts or financial services provided. The maximum term of resolution is two months from the submission of the corresponding letter of complaint or claim.

In any event, prior to filing a claim before any of the Commissioners for the Defence of Financial Services Customers, it is essential that the complaint have first been addressed to the Customer Care Service.


Remember that to inform us of a possible incident in the service, to consult us or to make a suggestion, you can select options of Enquiries and Incidencesor Suggestions.

If you believe Bankia has failed to comply with a legal commitment or an agreement negotiated in writing with you, you have the right to present a claim through the Customer Service Department, any Bankia branch or online, to the email and/or postal address and through the following channels:

  • In our Branches: above all, we are at your disposal to resolve your complaints.
  • In writing: by letter or using, if you prefer the claims form available at any of our branches. Additionally can Download the form (DOC, 105 kB) print it and when you have filled it in, take it to any of our branches or post, email or fax it to the following address:

    Bankia, S.A.>/span>
    Customer services
    Pº of the Castilian 189
    28046 Madrid
    Fax 91 379 22 95
  • On The internet: if you are user of Online Bankia you can present your claim via this service channel. You will previously have to identify yourself by entering your user number and access code.

Market behaviour and Claim department of the Banco de España

Calle Alcalá 48, 28014 Madrid

Link to the online office>/to>

Branch of Attention to the investor of the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores.

Calle Edison 4, 28006 Madrid

Link to the online office>/to>

Service of Claims of the Directorate-General for Insurance and Pension Funds.

Pº of the Castilian no.44, 28046 Madrid.

Link to the online office>/to>

Defender of Participates the of the Pension Plans of the Individual System integrated in Pension funds Managed by Bankia Pensiones, EGFP, S.A.>/strong>

d.a. defender
Calle Velázquez no. 80, 1st Right, 28001 ? Madrid

Link to the website:>/to>

Other documents

The Regulations of the Customer services has been approved by the Board of Directors on Bankia S.A. and is found at the disposal of the clients in the open branches to the public of all the companies of the Group to those which its application field is spread.

In compliance with the Regulations EU 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Board of date 21/05/2013, on online litigation resolution with regard to consumer spending is added link to the platform of resolution of online litigations starting up for the European Commission to that which will be able to appeal the consumers to solve any disagreement or controversy with regard to the online services rendered: